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Modo Scripts Toggles a group locator named "ref" or "Ref" — place your backdrop items within so you can toggle all of their visibilities on/off with a hotkey. Removes edges — excluding those that are part of the active UV map's boundary. Useful for LODs. Note: Does not properly detect stacked island's edges — use with care. Apply a random (between 0-90 by default) rotation in the Y axis to selected items. Useful for randomising decals like screws and bolts. Subdivide by smoothing. Uses the meshes material smoothing value. Useful for quick subdivision on lowpoly objects, for example, increasing cylinder side count while retaining sharp edges. Repeats the select.more command 128 times. Useful for selecting rings of edges/vertices on a dense mesh, like when making Knurling. Offset the active UV map by +1.0 units in the U axis. Set the position of the active item's center to that of the selected vertex. Set the position of the active item's pivot to that of the selected vertex. Keep in mind that the item's pivot is linked to its center, so set the center first, otherwise moving the center will offset your pivot. Quick unwrap based on edge sharpness + boundary. Good way to start UVing. Tip: Manually select additional edges to become seams; cylinder sides for example will not be picked up based on sharpness. Takes selection set "X" and triangulates + mirrors that in the X axis, then offsets the mirrored geometry's active UV map by +1 in the U axis. Used for converting working geo (typically with instance mirrors) to complete geometry for export. Toggles the custom axis & center on/off. Axis=Origin, Center=Element. Useful for moving a polygonal selection by a vertex while using the world's orientation, not the selected geometries (as with the element/local action centers) Toggles the custom axis & center on/off. Axis=Origin, Center=Local. Useful for straightening rows of edges in the UV editor or for moving distant geometry by the world axis' with a local handle.


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